Posted by: Juweon | March 20, 2009

Gettin’ a holla back

As you may have noticed, my previous post was geared towards our brothers and sisters with a little latin and Spanish spice… well, they took notice and gave dear old me some lovin’.

To my understanding, is a major Spanish internet portal operating in some 19 Spanish-speaking countries including the US, and through some connections that I had, I made contact with them with my Spanish video and they showed interest.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to find my efforts were rewarded with both Tourism Queensland(your next vacation destination) and myself getting some lovin’ from our amigos at

This is how the main page at, their English sister site, looks like.

Now if you scroll down a bit, you get to see a link for the “best job” write up.

Here’s a closer look.

obviously thats not me... Im not quite that good looking

obviously that's not me... I'm not quite that good looking

When you click on the story, it takes you to a short little write up, but when you scroll down, you can find… yours truly.

WHOOP!!! there it is~~~

WHOOP!!! there it is~~~

Who would’ve thought that a Korean dancing to some Juanes and singing about “having a black shirt” while wearing a pink shirt would get some actual attention from our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters?

Gracías mis amigos y muchos besos para mi amiga, Farah!

P.S. Remember to VOTE!!!!!!! Acuerdanse de VOTAR!!!

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