Posted by: Juweon | March 29, 2009

Previous 15-minutes of fame

Ever since this whirlwind process for the “best job” began, people have deduced their own perception of me from my application video, current line of work and campaign for the best job (and understandably so).  I think the biggest misconception I think people have about me is that I’m just a very SERIOUS guy, lacking the “fun” factor that an island caretaker needs.

dont have many opportunities to show this side of me these days

don't have many opportunities to show this side of me these days

But guys, there was a time when I was fun and carefree.  There was a Juweon Jonathan Kim before I traded in the flip-flops and t-shirts for dress shoes and a blazer.  I wear a jacket and talk about war, politics and the economy out of necessity, because that’s what my job requires me to do, but outside the studios, I love to socialize, do goofy things to make my friends laugh and to put it plainly, have fun.

I’ll be the first to admit that the topics that I cover on a daily basis have “buried” some of my true personality.  You can only sound so happy when you are talking about another financial giant falling apart sending the savings of thousands of people down the drain or sound so cheery when reading the casualty figures off the news wires for another roadside bomb.


this is me in my true element

this is me in my true element

This is actually one of the main reasons why I decided to apply to this job in the first place.  I wanted, no, I NEEDED an out.  I wanted a job where I didn’t have to suppress my natural tendency to be funny, sometimes a little goofy, most of the time cheery and always HAPPY.

To prove my point, I dug something out deep from the vault.  I guess you can say this was my previous “15-minutes of fame.”  Way back before a broadcasting career was even on my radar of things to pursue, I took part in a little MTV show in the States called “Room Raiders.”  I’m sure some of you have heard of it.  It was when MTV was filming “The Real World – Austin” so they shot a lot of their other minor shows around that wonderful town to take advantage of the huge university population.  I actually applied for the show at a bar, half jokingly and half on a dare, trying to prove to my friend, whose secret dream was to probably be on the Real World (Chavez, you know I love you), that I would get on Mtv before him.

Who would have ever thought that I would go from “raiding” girls’ panty drawers to delivering the news?  Life is just full of twists and turns and sometimes you really don’t know where the road might take you.

So… here you guys go, the fun-side of Juweon, before the dark and gloom of the news overshadowed it. (Please note that even though they try to make this show look like it’s all done unscripted, it’s what they call “scripted reality” so watch it with a grain of salt por favor)


p.s. – You guys have to understand, I’m taking a considerable risk here putting this up while working in such a conservative country like Korea (technically, mini skirts in Korea were ILLEGAL until 2006, when lawmakers finally thought they should catch up to the 21st century).  Certain aspects of Korean society are well… ummm… quirky.

So, to my current employers, this was what I did BEFORE I graduated from college and BEFORE I even knew I was coming back to Korea to work.

p.s.s. – if you are a legal representative of Viacom or MTV, please don’t sue me.  If you need to the video to be pulled down, I’ll gladly do it, but I just want you to know I’m not profiting off of it and I’m giving your show some free publicity. (however “much” it may be)


  1. My friends love this clip~~~~~and you look young now than then~how is that possible~?

  2. younger^

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