Posted by: Juweon | April 1, 2009

Removal of my candidacy

This morning I was informed that a Korean “netizen” with malicious intent, created an “anti-blog” attempting to defame my name and reputation. Using your typical college “party scene” pictures of me from several years ago that Westerners would think nothing of, and that the majority of us in fact have, this blogger questioned if I was “worthy enough” of being Korea’s representative. I have no questions that the images would be OKed by TQ and be thought of as nothing, but living in a conservative country like Korea, where the netizens tend to sometime border on maniacal, I think there’s potential for this to get out of hand and threaten and hurt not only me but those around me. Therefore I would like to remove myself from this APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry guys, but I just couldn’t pass it up. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY EVERYONE!!! I know all the shortlisted applicants are a little tense and nervous as we approach the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and I thought I would loosen everyone up with a little good humored fun, although I could’ve just JINXED myself a guh-buh-zillion times here… but I’m willing to sacrifice that to give my friends, supporters and strangers a good laugh on this day because life is sometimes already serious enough. The time of this post is 10:21AM on April 1st, 2009 here in Korea, so well within the realm of April Fools Day.

Actually, the above joke was played on me about a couple of hours ago by my friend Rich, who gave me that story and woke me up from my pleasant slumber. I swear, I usually need about 5 alarm clocks to wake me up, but I was at my computer faster than the speed of trouble that plagues Britney Spears. You can bet your butt that I’m wide awake now. Man, I was googling, navering, dauming, yahoo searching my name like nobody’s business for about 30 minutes trying to find this fictional blog and got my friends to pull down any and every pic of me on facebook that didn’t make me look like I was the Korean male version of Mother Theresa.

I hope you guys had a good little laugh and ONE MORE DAY guys!  Thank you everyone for sticking with me for this entire process and hopefully, we’ll get some good news soon.

Now I have to go work on my real video blog entry.

Have a good one!



  1. I erased all our recent pix….I’m not a happy camper at the moment. Remind me to thank Rich.

  2. That Rich character is up to no good today. I recommend anyone who knows him to ignore his calls and generally stay the hell away from him until tomorrow. He got Jeonghyun with a beauty this morning and he was talking about some other pranks he had lined up for other poor unfortunates. Be warned!

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