Posted by: Juweon | April 3, 2009


The time that TQ would make the announcement for the final 16 (the number of finalists that they decided to increase to from 11) was 11pm UTC on April 2nd.  That translates to 8AM on April 3rd Korean Time.  Needless to say, I did not sleep a wink.  For those who made the cut, TQ said they would be calling about an hour ahead, so I sat by my computer, logged into the MSN chat room that Hailey set up for the other 50 shortlisters on NING (an online community based soley for fans and followers of the Best Job competition who want the latest info on the candidates and the competition) and placed my cell right next to the laptop.  About 20 minutes after 7 AM, Hailey got the very first phone call.  Hailey was IN, and not surprisingly.  Then a couple of people in the chat room said they received emails telling them they were OUT.

RING~~~~~ my home phone rings and I run to get the wireless headset across the house, shattering my knee cap on the desk drawer in the process.  It’s MY GRANDMA’S FRIEND calling to talk to my grandma who’s on Jeju island enjoying a quick 3 day getaway with her friends.  And she would not hang up.  I finally get off the phone with her as politely as humanly possible then BOOM, another disaster.

It was at this point that my computer couldn’t take the excitement any longer and decided to freeze.  I had to reset my computer, which caused me to exit out of the group chat and I wasn’t able to get back in once the computer rebooted.  So basically, I was the cyberspace version of the kid who missed out on the game of dodge ball at recess because I took too long to get to the playground.  So there I was getting updates from James Hill and Steven from TX on separate chats.

James messages me “Cali just got in.”  Followed by Steven telling me “Doug, Linda and Jackie are out.”  And I’m sitting there trying so desperately to take a peek through the cracks of this imaginary cyberspace door that is preventing me from getting back into the chat room.

James speculates it’s pretty much over. Then I get a “WOOOOOOOHHHH” from James. Obviously, it’s good news.

7:40AM no call, no email for me.  I get back on NING to follow the updates coming from Greg who’s relaying the message from the MSN chat.

7:45, 15 minutes till they announce the results on the web, I still haven’t gotten a call or email.

Then all of a sudden my CELL STARTS TO RING… the number on the caller ID is +0000-0000 International Call… my heart is pounding, my breathing gets faster, my fingers are trembling…

I answer and I hear the sweetest male voice I have ever heard, second only to Luciano Pavarotti who I heard live back in ’94 at the Hollywood Bowl.  Okay, back to the call…

ME:  Hello?

Qld Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading
Peter Lawlor:  Yes… is this Jooo-wee-on?

the rest of my bumbling and trembling phone call was recorded on my built in cam on my macbook which i managed to activate.  god i love macs.  hope you enjoy!

Go check out the following page yourself by clicking here. If for some reason they still say my age is 32, it’s not, it’s 25. I guess I still have a bit more marketing to do to make myself look young.  (they have now fixed the  web page to display my correct age.  hooray!)

whos that sexy man on the far left?

who's that sexy man on the far left?

he would make mighty fine island caretaker!

he would make mighty fine island caretaker!

Haven’t slept in the past 28 hours. I’m going to bed.  Work in 4 hours.

PEACE to the Middle East!


  1. 쟈기 축하해~영상 짱이다~^^

  2. I’m so glad you documented the call! That’s amazing congrats! What can we do to help you now?

  3. Congratulations. I hope you can be the final. Ahja-ahja 🙂

    From Sydney

  4. Congratulations! and thanks for sharing the excitement!

  5. Congratulations!! I have seen your very good news at certain website. I used to be a listener of your program, ‘귀트영’ before coming to Sydney. I think it was the best way for me to get interested in English. And so I’m thinking of listening ‘귀트영’ again. (plus, I need more study a lot) Anyway, I’ll pray you will be a final winner ~ Have a nice day ~

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