Posted by: Juweon | April 7, 2009

Kim Jong-Il Rains on My Parade

Social Networking Update: After resisting the urge to convert to Twitter, my circle of advisers have finally convinced me to start.  Come see what I’m up to!

Last Friday, the day that TQ announced their final 16, I experienced what being on cloud nine really felt like!  I went into work on just 1 hour of sleep… er sleep is too strong of a word here… an attempted 1 hour cat-nap  that was frequently interrupted by congratulatory text messages and phone calls every couple of minutes.  I didn’t mind and I was more than happy to answer and reply to every single one of them.

Even though I went into work on almost zero sleep, I felt great because the adrenaline from my euphoric state in the morning was still pumping through my body.  I wish I can bottle up that feeling and sell it as an anti-depressant because that rush… man, I guarantee you it will drop kick any depressive state faster than Koreans reach for kimchi on the dinner table.

I was really looking forward to this weekend.  The “best job in the world” (BJITW) campaign had absolutely swallowed my life and chewed me up the past month and I was exhausted.  I wanted to take the two days to recharge my batteries, spend time with my close friends who had been riding in the backseat while BJITW took shotgun all this time.  Although I did get to spend a quality Saturday night with my friends, my weekend was not the “recharging” weekend I was hoping for, all thanks to our cognac-loving neighbor in Pyongyang, Mr. Kim Jong-il.

I think I might pay to see a conversation between these two...

I would definitely pay money to see these two carry on a conversation

If you guys hadn’t heard, North Korea fired off a ballistic missile under the name of “space exploration & satellite launching.”  Of course, since what I do is news and current events, our show went into DEFCON 5 and my weekend was no more.  Without getting into all the politics and analysis of the matter (if that’s what you want, click here every evening at 6PM Korea Standard Time) I think I can pin this whole missile crisis on one specific moment in history; actually I can trace it to one INSTANT MESSAGE conversation between Kim Jong-il and George W. Bush.  Using my connections in Washington, I was able to obtain the transcript of the conversation.


For more hilarious conversations like this one, check out here.  The author is a genius.

Now, let’s hope the next guy understands the intricacies of the Knock Knock jokes.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

To make a long story short, good ol’ Jong-il just rained all over my parade and gave me even less time to focus on my campaign, but… “when life hands you lemons (or in this case, missiles), make lemonade out of them.”

Enjoy a cool glass for me!


  1. Hah, wow. It was big news here, but nothing compared to your situation. Here’s hoping this weekend is full of peace and tranquility for you. 🙂 Rest well.

  2. Love the IM! Genius. Enjoy your blog also! Good luck with the BJITW. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, love the hilarious IM conversation! First time here but congrats on being in the final 16.

    Fighting! :p

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