Posted by: Juweon | April 24, 2009

Care Package from Texas

I came home from a long and exhausting day on Tuesday to find a care package from my mom back in Texas.

I never told her that I needed shorts and swimming trunks for my visit to Oz, but my mom sent those exact things.  I don’t know how they do it, but that mother’s intuition… when it’s on, it’s really on.

She also included a copy of the San Antonio Express News, the one with my article in it.  I heard she went to the local HEB (name of the grocery store chain in Texas.  Stands for Henry E. Butt – no joke) and apparently bought like 10 copies.

And the “100% Mom” note:


If you don’t like the shorts or the swimming trunks, just make sure not to pull the tags off because I saved the receipts and I can always exchange them.”

No worries Mom, I like them all.

Then there was this mysterious tupperware heavily wrapped in bubble wrap.

What in the world?  What do you think it is?

What in the world? What do you think it is?

Can you tell now?

So which bathing suit should I wear for my debut on the beaches of Hamo?

Option #1 – a classic number from Nautica…

Option #2 – loud and eye-catching from Quicksilver

Option #3 – this one from American Eagle just puts
out the “Island Vibe” for the Island-Cartaker candidate.

Option #4 – These probably are more to Clarke’s liking… but I’m putting
them out there as one of the options (which might come back to bite me.)

This is reader-interaction in the purest sense. If more than 500 readers vote before my “beach debut” on Hamilton Island (no repeat voters), I will wear whatever swimming suit the public chooses to make my beach “debut(for at least 20 minutes in the case of the speedos).

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to vote for my swim suit.



  1. I am sorry, but if you are going to put the option of the speedo, I am going to vote for it.

    Actually, I might start a new campaign, to vote for the speedo… I mean, now that the wild card voting is over what else am I going to use my facebook status for.

  2. Wow, your mom is really thoughtful. It reminded of my mother too! First, the food – I love it: mixed of dried fish and shrimps? Very asian menu – it might be sweet, chili and sour!!!! Second, the swimwear – options #3 and #4! Maybe try to order from for excellent Aussie swimwears! Unfortunately, personally I dont like Speedo brand!

  3. NO SPEEDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m begging you! even if everyone chooses them NO!

  4. YES, I agree with IDA…and I WILL not go for standing to see u in a speedo… i think i would throw up the dried achovies w/ walnuts… even if i didnt have any… (mah luh chee)… NO WAY!!! ewwwww~~~

    I love the first classic nautica look …and then get crazy later on… wow… okay… i will admit… I DID CRY after seeing this one… awwwww ur mom… i know that is freaky weird and peeps at customs… probably would have freaked out…but… the love of our Korean moms… i hope u ate every BIT of the walnuts… cause the wiser do say its energy and brain food….

    okay, im wiping up my tears on my MAC… on a Sunday morning… and i will follow up on ya… dood, tell ur momma I LOVE HER too… awwwww~

    good luck, praying for ya!!!

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