Posted by: Juweon | April 26, 2009


I actually emailed Apple to ask them if they could lend me a computer for the interview process down in Australia after my hard drive crashed.  This was their response:

Dear Juweon,


Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear that your MacBook is no longer performing as expected. 


I can tell from your blog that you rely quite a bit on your computer, and that this hard drive failure has caused a major disruption for you. 


Though we don’t have a program by which we can lend a computer while yours undergoes service, you are encouraged to check with whichever Apple Retail Store (<>) or Authorized Service Provider (<>) is most convenient to you upon your arrival in Australia. 


Be assured that your AppleCare Protection Plan coverage is valid worldwide, and that we will do our best to ensure quick and efficient repair.



Best regards,



Apple Customer Care



To be fair, the service center in Seoul was able to fix my hard drive and restore some of the data before my trip, but the day and a half of lost work day, well I just wish it didn’t happen. 

I got off to a great start today, editing some of my latest videos for my blog and knocking out an interview for a new “blog podcast” that I was planning on launching this week.  I also went to the Apple store and picked up brand new copies of the Leopard OS, iWork09 and iLife09 to use some features for video editing that is not in the iLIFE 08.  But I guess it just was not my day today… my Macbook of 3 years had a catastrophic hard drive failure for the 2nd time in its lifetime.

the little macbook that couldnt...

the little macbook that couldn't...

I really don’t know what to do at this point since I’ve lost 99% of the things I had on my computer.  Emails, photos, music on iTunes, documents… not to mention most of my content and files related to my Best Job in the World campaign…

I know, I know… you are screaming, “Why didn’t you back up your data?!?!”  Well, I was simply “UPDATING” my OS, not formatting and reinstalling the OS.  Another thing, since I have so much faith in Apple (despite experiencing a previous HD failure) and believe in the quality of their products, I thought I could just trust their products to come through.  (IF you work for APPLE or know anyone who does, tell them what’s up!  Maybe Steve Jobs can overnight me a new Mac.  haha.  no, seriously)

tearing up...

tearing up...

I converted to Macs in 2006 and never looked back, even in such a mac-unfriendly environment like Korea where PCs rule and you can’t even access your bank account using a Mac.  I don’t even run BootCamp or Parallel because I’m such a Mac-faithful.

after countless attempts of technological Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)...

after countless attempts of technological Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)...

A part of me died today but there is a small, tiny chance of hope.  I think my Apple Care Package runs out in May, so it could be the Big Guy upstairs giving me an opportunity to get me a brand new Mac to get the most bang for my buck.  I’m taking it in to the Apple Center tomorrow, right after my 9AM radio interview in Incheon for the Best Job campaign.  I’m hoping for the best while expecting the worst.

Oh, and if you are wondering what that shape is on my Macbook… it’s the Lonestar State – the Great State of Texas.

it continues to tease me into thinking its going to boot up any second, but the computer just shuts down after being on this screen for about 2 minutes

it continues to "tease" me into thinking it's going to boot up any second, but the computer just shuts down after being on this screen for about 2 minutes

TQ representatives, especially Amy, Nicole and Kerri, if you are reading this… please understand and shoot me your last email to me one more time, even if it was several days ago.

If you happen to be gifted in reviving dead computers, especially macs and you think you know of a way to save some of the info on my comatose computer, please leave me a message on the comment board so I can reach you.

As Annie always says… “The Sun will come out tomorrow.”

thoughts of sights like this keep me going (Sunrise at Lady Elliot Island - Photo Courtesy of Tourism Queensland)

Sunrise at Lady Elliot Island - thoughts of sights like this keep me going



  1. Oh my gosh I’m so sad for you.


  2. Juweon, This is what was going on~ with you… I can’t believe you were still writing here. I should have checked in here regularly. I went to your cyworld home page all the time! I checked your home page from my ilchon board as well every day. When I see things doesn’t get updated there I just thought you had been extremely busy with your ” dream job” preparation! I didn’t think about this word press blog! I just came in to say
    “Happy Birthday!” again to you even if I already wrote a few different notes on cyworld your home page, my home page and my blog. ^_^
    In fact, these days I, even myself haven’t been around on word press at all. Only , for very quick posts on my blog to let people know about my Korean blog. I had been very busy setting up new Korean blog. Partially, I thought the sooner I open that up, it would be better for you and Jun and Hyunjung so you could use those free folders I created for each of you to put your own stuff to promote your selves, by yourselves, and share whatever you want to share with our other ilchons and visitors of our blog. Have you ever check that new blog? We put a few posts about you too there with your photos. It looks much better than that small cyworld home page! ^_^

    Anyways, ^_^ good to see you’re still writing, here. We have been wondering what was going on with you. I didn’t even know you have been on your air as well even thesedays. As we are here in U.S., We can’t listen to Korean radio. (I had never listen to your voice.^^ Hope someday!)

    “Happy Birthday!!!”” May 1st!
    All the best with your “dream Job”,
    Wish you a great year!

    Have lots of fun in Australia,
    Don’t give up until the end!


    NYF4 ^_^

    P.S. People, out there, this guy is a cool guy!
    There are thousands of people in Korea admiring his smart brain and ambitious mind with willingness sharing something special with all of you. (Am I correct, Juweon? ^_^)
    ^_^ “Happy happy happy Birthday!””

  3. Ups, did it get too long? ^^

  4. That shape on the Macbook looks like an Aussie map. It’s surprising that Texas has a similar shape.

  5. The same thing happened to me when PNJ (artist passed away, and I was in NY for the funeral) and then I had to save all the pics for our files… and CRASH it went like 3years ago… and I was like OMG with my lil G4… course i got another Macbook now… but i rely on my G4 for all my travels… and i took it to MAC in NY…and PAID over $2.500 to restore like only 40% of the harddrive…. and it costed to ship it back to my in Korea…as I had to leave NYC to get back to Seoul… shipping of like over $500…. no lie… but paid every bit of it… and typing on my lil G4… still… but dont lose faith in MAC…its still a business for them… and if u can believe it or not… i still like my G4 and use it more than my macbook… still today… gosh… but i do recall how excited you were in the sTUDIO…when it was restored… yipppppeeeeeee!!!! i love the vids…

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