Posted by: Juweon | May 2, 2009

Exploring Brissy…

We head to Hamilton Island on Sunday morning and before all 3 of my digital cameras and camcorders get inundated with Hamilton Island shots, I thought I make a quick video introducing the lovely city of Brisbane.  I stayed up all night to make this video, despite the 7:30AM wake up call.  It’s currently 5:30AM as I upload this video.  Here’s to hoping that this effort will pay off in the end. 




The BJITW Candidates with TQ CEO Anthony Hayes on the Courier Mail.

The BJITW Candidates with TQ CEO Anthony Hayes on the Courier Mail.

Click on the pic for the latest story from the Courier Mail.  Story written by Ms. Samantha Healy – the reporter who introduced me to what vegemite was (might see that on a blog sometime soon).



  1. Vegemite is the nastiest stuff ever invented in the history of mankind. But it’s supposedly very good.

  2. JUWEON (JONATHAN)… I love the video…and the news clip….and doood!!!! yup find out what music and tunZ the AUSSIES like…so imma play em some tunes and also dedicate some songs for all the contestants out there from the EVENING GROOVE! send us msgs and at anytime i will do so and fill in our listeners and all the Groovers round the world of your where abouts…and we miss u already in KOREA!!! don’t forget to sleep… big sis worryin bout ya… but i can just imagine the excitement…!!! Im so happy for ya and all the contestants… and tell em… if they want a song or dedication or request… i will be in the studio… on MON~ for ya’s…. GOOD LUCK and yeah, my fave contestant is still JUWEON from KOREA!!! and ARIRANG RADIO!!! yipppeeeeee!!!~GOOOOO JUWEON and let us know if your missing anything from here… we will send it out to ya! besides your girl…of course~ hahahahaha~

  3. hey jonathan,

    i read about this “world’s best job thing” couple months ago and i was “wow, what a sick job to have”. but dang dude, i didn’t know you were apart of it! that’s really cool. i’m just a random person saying all the best to you! i know you work at arirang, but i can’t listen to your show because of the time difference.


  4. You’re devoted Juweon! 🙂 Great video. Get some rest!! Haha, good luck.

  5. 응원하고 싶어서 들렀다가, 오히려 제가 에너지를 얻고 가네요. 저희 반 아이들에게 주원씨 이야기 들려줬더니 정말 눈을 반짝이던데요^^ 좋은 소식, 같이 기대하고 있을게요.

  6. dood~ I have posted your BLOG link to my FB Profile… so that peeps can cheer you on and Pray for ya!!! GO~ JUWEON… !!!

  7. I was often listening your program.
    Wow~ It seems very exciting.
    I hope you will be a winner. Good luck~!
    Have a great experience.
    Take care.

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