Posted by: Juweon | May 8, 2009

The World’s Best Loser

Just a quick couple of words before I head to bed.  The winner of this incredible ride is Ben Southall from the UK.  Congratulations to Ben and I have no doubt in my mind that he would be an absolutely fantastic island caretaker.  He has my full support, without a doubt.  


my final congratulations to Ben Southall at the "Last Night Street Party" (even though it wasn't in a street).  Looks like we are about to smooch, but that's a negative.  No offense Ben, but you are not my type.

my final congratulations to Ben Southall at the "Last Night Street Party" (even though it wasn't on a street). Looks like we are about to smooch, but that's a negative. No offense Ben, but you are not my type. <photo courtesy of Erik Rolfsen>




I would like to grab on excerpt from an interview that I did with BEFORE the final 16 were announced.  (click here for the full interview)

5.  What is the most important thing you have learned during the process?
I have garnered so much from this process.  On the surface I learned what the PR business was like, I learned a lot about the islands of the Great Barrier Reef and the coral reef systems, the environmental threats surrounding the region, etc, etc.  But I think even if I didn’t make the next stage, I would be completely satisfied and grateful for the process because the BJITW campaign allowed me to really reevaluate my life, career wise and also allowed me to reassess what my ultimate goal in life is.  Many people point to the big salary and think that’s a goal in my life, but on the contrary.  If I were to go into details about all this, this answer would get very long, but here’s the gist.  The BJITW campaign helped me realize that my ultimate goal in life is to leave a significant impact in the world, to give back more to the world than I have taken from it in the end, and all I have done up to this point in my life is to take from it.  It helped me to see that I had forced myself to become “satisfied” with where I was career wise, education wise, life style wise but now I have this new motivation, strength and desire to do more, to become better and to aim higher. 

6. Should you not eventually become the IC, what does life look like after the dust has settled?
After all the hoopla ends, you’ll still see me pursuing my DREAM JOB, the BEST JOB in the WORLD for ME!  I actually got a book deal here in Korea with the attention this entire campaign has brought me, so I have to finish that within the year.  I plan on wrapping up my stay here in Korea within the next year or two and I want to go live and travel through the rest of the world for about 6 – 12 months, mainly in Africa and South America, two continents I haven’t been to, other than Australia and Antarctica.  After that, it’ll be grad school, although I haven’t exactly settled on the subject.  Right now, I’m leaning towards international relations and broadcast journalism.  Following that, I want to do a stint with the Peace Corps before settling down at an NGO that works for a cause that I’m really passionate about so I can always be happy and motivated about going to work no matter the pay.  But with all this said and done, I know from experience that you can have all these plans set out for yourself, but you never really know where life is going to take you.  One thing is for sure, I’m going to be taking the necessary steps to make sure I live my life to the fullest.   

In the upcoming days, I will continue to produce video blogs and blogs on the entire BJITW process.  I have over 180 minutes of raw footage that I need to edit and turn into videos so I have a lot of video editing ahead of me, but I don’t mind.  

I’ll show you all the fun that we had and also share you with HONEST & TRANSPARENT assessment of the entire process.  I know Erik from Vancouver is also offering this to the masses, but if you have any specific questions, please let me know in the comments.  

Right now, I’m sitting in the Brisbane Hilton, on an executive floor (free upgrade courtesy of the hotel) getting ready for bed before one more night of adventures around Brisbane.  TQ has given most of us an extra couple of days to travel in different locations around Queensland.  Kinda like a “thank you” to us and also to squeeze the last little bit of media exposure they can out of us, not that I mind at all.  

Today was an absolute blast and the first time that this entire trip felt like a vacation.  My TQ rep, Kathryn came and picked me up at the hotel and we went to Moreton Island where I probably had one of the most exciting and entertaining time for this entire trip, on par with some of the activities on Hamo and the GBR.  Just to quickly list a few things: I went sand boarding down 150 meter sand dunes, bathed in natural tea tree oil fed spring water, picnic on a picture perfect beach, quad riding through sand dunes and fed wild dolphins, not to mention actually sitting down and ENJOYING the sunset.  Come to think of it, I do not remember watching a sunset during my entire time on the Whitsundays which is a shame and I think we should have had some more private time to explore other parts of the island, but we were just on such a tight schedule.  Anyways, that assessment will come later.  

On the slate for tomorrow: cuddling a koala and petting some kangaroos, climbing Story bridge in Brisbane & picking up some gifts.   

Keep a look out for massive blog updates but give me some time to get them up because the amount of raw material I have is simply ENORMOUS!



  1. You are a winner, you are a joy. So wonderful to see the friendship that you and James have made, we look forward very much to the return of our other son.!!! Love reading your blog, have a blast, Australia loves you .

  2. Juweon,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blogs during this entire process. Throughout the ‘final interview’ there were only a few of you who actually put in enough effort to continue tweeting, blogging, and keeping the world updated on what was going on. To me, THAT shows real work ethic and is a great quality for any IC to have. I know you were on a tight schedule and when all the other blogs were stagnant, I could count on you or Erik or James to have something up.

    I lived in South Korea last year! I miss that place so much. Towards the end of my time there I was pretty homesick for Canada, but now I’m homesick for Seoul! It’ll always hold a special place in my heart and I hope to go back someday!

    I hope you continue to blog even after you run out of TBJITW stuff, Juweon! Would love to keep reading.


  3. From an Aussie to an “honorary” Aussie, you are terrific. Your blogs have been outstanding during this adventure. I’m sorry you didn’t come away with the major “prize” however I feel that most of us natives know that you are the real winner. Good luck in all your future ventures and don’t forget us in Oz.

  4. Congratulation! You did great job and we really enjoy your wonderful blog. We and all congregation are so proud of You. You earn more than win. Now, you have amazing experience and friends. We Love You Son!

  5. Hey Juweon,

    I’m a Russian-Korean student living in Germany and I’d like to wish you good luck with the book and all other exciting plans you’ve made! You were a great candidate and your blog is awesome and full of interesting details, really loved to read it! Keep updating it!
    If you’d ever be in Berlin, just write to me and I’ll show you around.


  6. Wish I’d had the chance to hang with you and the other candidates. Really respect your forward thinking as well–keep up the blogging, it’s a blast to read! (and hey now, a book deal?! Send some of that luck toward my novels, will ya? 😉 )

  7. Well done Juweon !!

    In my view, any one of you would have made the perfect person for the job. Enjoyed following the entire process as well as reading your blogs. TQ (or the artists formrely known as Too …Qute) have done a fantastic job for both, the GBR and yourselves. I am quite sure that for all of you, the second chapter of the best job in the world story will be entitled “the best friendship in the world”
    There is no doubt in my mind that great things are awaiting you around the corner and I do wish you the best of luck.

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