Posted by: Juweon | May 16, 2009

Daydreaming Away…

Over the next couple of days, you’ll see the much belated videos & pictures of my adventures in Australia for the Best Job in the World campaign as well as my extended itinerary around the Brisbane area including an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING day on Moreton Island – probably the most fun I’ve had on this entire trip.  My plan for my Best Job blog entries will finish up with a straight-forward “final analysis” of the entire process, with some insights on how the entire campaign looked like from the inside, but before I “POSSIBLY” ruffle any feathers with that entry, I wanted to show off on how much fun I’ve had and also give you guys a peek into some aspects that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Some of the contents that are upcoming:

  • Best Job candidates final day activities video on the day of the ANNOUNCEMENT
  • Best Job after party where the candidates finally let loose
  • Immediate reactions from the candidates right after the announcement of the winner (not even TQ or the media has this available)
  • My adventures on Moreton Island and Brisbane
  • Final “no holds barred” analysis of the ENTIRE Best Job in the World process

For today, here’s a long overdue video blog on Day #3 on the Whitsundays, which was our day on Daydream Island.  I’m also posting the blog from our 2nd “blog task” entry.  I don’t think they posted this entry up or even rated it.  They said our first blogs from the first task were “too long and detailed” and it took the selection panel way too long to go through them so this time, they were adamant that we keep this entry “to a page or around 300 words and 4 pictures.” A lot of the candidates were grumbling about this limit, including myself and I think almost everyone ended up somewhere around 400 words for the blog entry. 300 words I thought was a pretty ridiculous limit, especially with all the activities we fit into one day during the interview process.  The way I went about it was to just write everything first then at the end, I just went at it as if I had a scalpel for blog entries and just cut everything out leaving the bare minimum to kinda meet the word count requirements.  

Another interesting tidbit about this day was that we actually had a chance to haggle the media members for interviews as they took a turn at the spa on Daydream Island which you will see on the video.  For those interested in the BBC DOCUMENTARY that is being produced about The Best Job in the World, the information on when & where the documentary will be airing is also in the video, coming directly from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak.  Enjoy!



For more information on Daydream Island Resort & Spa go check out  They got a wonderful staff and great facilities.  


“Daydream Jealousy”

As Daydream inched closer, we realized the weather would not be cooperating as we were greeted with umbrellas at the door. 

First up on the list of Daydream activities was the visit to the Rejuvenation Spa where your body gets pampered like an A-list celebrity.  After only 2 hours of sleep the previous night, I was probably more excited than even any of the girls to get a little high-end pampering.  

honest assessment: I got jipped with this iridology thing...

honest assessment: I got jipped with this iridology thing...




As luck would have it, I drew “Iridology.”  Now what is “Iridology?”  Well, it’s a system where they look at a high resolution close up of your iris and determine whether or not you have areas in your system that is stressed, showing under activity or over activity.  Another interesting fact relayed to me by my Iridologist Gayle was that Asian eyes’ iris sometimes don’t reveal anything. 

My iridology results:  I have a stressed out respiratory system which can be fixed with increased magnesium intake and a strained small stomach which they recommended treatment with Slippery Elm Bark.  Oh and here’s the kicker… because of the stress on the adrenal gland, I have decreased libido.  Hmmmm… no comment would be the safe route here.

As I walked out of my spa treatment, the other candidates started popping out of their treatment rooms glowing and smelling like potpourri candles.  Peeking in some of the treatments I was so jealous, which speaks volumes about the top of the line facilities and professional staff at the spa.  Just hearing about treatments like “Daydream Delight”, “Hot Stone Therapy” and “Flowing Melody” made me want to come back for the pampering.  

the sea stars anus is on top, not the bottom - so the side you see now.

the sea star's "anus" is on top, not the bottom - so the side you see now.



From smelling like potpourri to fish guts in minutes, it was time for us to try out one of the most widely advertised job description of the caretaker, feeding the fish at the Live Reef at Daydream.  We all had a chance to feed the sting ray, touch the sea stars “anus” and even saw the feeding of their resident Lemon Shark.  The sting ray… tastes like chicken…jk!  They feel like hard boiled eggs and they can eat through their nose!  





the feast prepared with 100% Queensland ingredients

the feast prepared with 100% Queensland ingredients



We returned to Hamo on the “Voyager” provided to us by Whitsunday Island Adventure Cruises and our day wrapped up with a quick presentation and skit activity prepared for us by the GBR Marine Park Authority which was the activity that was supposed to be carried out on the beautiful Whitehaven Beach. 


Oh Whitehaven… so you elude me again…



  1. ‘decreased libido’….. really? hmm

  2. Here’s hoping more fantastic opportunities find you. You’ve got an excellent ability to showcase the most unique and interesting parts of the experience rather than just giving us a summary. It’s been fun to get to know you through your videos and blogs, looking forward to more 😀

    The videos are awesome and I really like that cloud pop effect in the first one!

  3. Why don’t you continue your blog, and this time about Korea?

  4. So fun, Juweon. Great work, man.

  5. dude, i had no idea you were involved in all this best job in the world shit. its blowing my mind right now. just got back from a three month stint in europe and i kept hearing about this competition everywhere. crazy you got so far, congrats on it all. some night when im less drunk ill catch up on here. hope all is well in the aftermath.

    oh, and i think you should find a new job giving manu backrubs or stretches or handjobs or whatever so he stops crapping out for the playoffs every year. sad state of affairs when i got back. who am i supposed to cheer for now? cleveland? denver? bullshit.

  6. I’m wondering if that starfish craps from the top. If so that’s pretty gross.

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