Posted by: Juweon | May 28, 2009

Crush on Oz

How do you cope with missing out on “THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD?!?!”

It’s different if you missed out from the beginning, or in the middle of the journey, but missing out on it after being on the cusp?  Being so close that you actually smelt it, felt it, touched it and tasted it?

It’s like finally getting the girl of your dreams to notice you and develop some feelings for you, and now it’s just you and her, in a quiet spot, you lean in for that kiss that will turn that flirtatious game of hide and sick into a solid relationship… well, at least one that will last 6 months.  You are so close that you can feel her breath on your face, you lean 90% and wait as she makes her way through her 10%, you feel the slightest of the brush of her lips on yours, then all of a sudden she gets pulled away as “the other guy” she had feelings for, dips her like Casanova and plants a big fat kiss right in front of you.  Then they run off together into the sunset… HOW DO YOU COPE WITH THAT?!?!

imagine the girl getting pulled away at this instant

imagine the girl getting pulled away right at this moment

Well… it wasn’t that dramatic but it was kind of like that, except I didn’t want to punch out the guy who took the girl away from me.  Instead I wanted to go congratulate him on a job well done because I knew exactly what he had to go through to get the girl and I appreciated and respected the journey that he had been on to get there.

But most importantly, I think having 14 other FRIENDS who had similar emotions running through their heads, and who we could lean on and talk things out with, played a critical role in preventing several potential emotional meltdowns in the aftermath of the announcement.  The process itself provided an opportunity for the applicants to create their safety net with the fellow candidates and I think everyone that needed to do that did that.

My final updates in this entire Best Job process has gone way slower than I anticipated, and the hoopla could all be over, at least the interest in my opinion on the subject, before I finish putting up my updates, but for those who care, I promise I’ll do it.  My schedule really hasn’t allowed me any free time and in a bit of a deja vu, Kim Jong-il gave me a big “Welcome Back” present in the form of a nuclear test and at least 5 short range missile launches.  All this on top of the “apparent suicide” of former South Korean President Roh Moohyun.  Let me tell you one thing, it’s not fun to be a news guy in Korea right now and throw in a big helping of “Australia Withdrawal Syndrome”… yeah, I’m not in good shape.

Making all of these entries and videos is like dangling crack cocaine in front of an addict.  I’m serious when I say this, if the right job or opportunity opened up for me in Oz (and I’m not picky, I’m talking paid internship or entry level jobs in the media or travel industry), I’ll probably choose the Aussie Experience over the money that I’m making in Korea.  I’m willing to start from the ground up and I will work for food, shelter and Australia…

Man, I just have a HUMUNGOUS CRUSH on Oz.



  1. Great to see you guys partying 😉 GO ERIK, ROCK IT! Of all the issues I may have had with the process, I am really glad TQ was able to keep it classy. There was a lot of potential for it to degenerate into a reality show at-each-others-throats competition. I respect that they fostered an atmosphere for camaraderie instead.

    One day you will cross paths with your crush again and maybe then she won’t be so fickle 😉

  2. Dude! I think we ALL can fall in love with Australia just through your blogs, pictures, and videos!!

  3. I’ve found this GREAT gal you need to meet… she’ll totally take your mind off Australia!

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