Posted by: Juweon | July 1, 2009

Half Year Resolution

It’s the start of July, 2009 is halfway over.  Time to go review what I’ve done so far and what I need to do in the 2nd half of the year to make 2009 a success.

When I began 2009, I made 5 New Year’s Resolutions.  They were:

1.  Take a vacation to paradise.

Looking out into the bay on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

Looking out into the bay on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

2.  Volunteer in the community maybe with some coaching like I used to.

the most rewarding job Ive ever had and I didnt even get paid.

the most rewarding job I've ever had and I didn't even get paid.

3.  Do my part for the environment.

4.  Make more of an effort to stay connected with my friends back home.

Miss doing this back home in Texas

Miss doing this back home in Texas

5.  Spend more quality time with my family in Korea, especially my grandparents.

Hes now in the hospital and I dont see him enough, which I know Ill regret when hes gone.

He's now in the hospital and I don't see him enough, which I know I'll regret when he's gone.

My honest assessment of my resolutions at the halfway point of 2009 is a pretty big F!  I’ve accomplished only resolution #1 on the list and I was only able to do that because of my involvement in the “Best Job in the World” Campaign (by the way, Ben Southall begins his job as the island caretaker today:

So today, I’m launching a new personal campaign to allow myself to cross another item off of that list.  I’m starting a “take the public transportation” campaign for myself.  I’ve been cruising around Korea in a car for the last 2.5 years, despite Seoul having one of the best subway systems in the world.  For awhile now, I felt like such a hypocrite, always talking about the environment, preaching that we all should be doing something more and here I am, not even able to break my habit of relying on my car when I have an alternative and a “greener” method of transportation.

The key to breaking a bad habit, whether it’s our dependence on cigarettes or the car, is to take baby steps, so starting on July 1st, I’m going to be taking the subway and the bus to work for 4 days out of the week for the entire month of July (and I couldn’t have picked a better month now that the Monsoon season is here… should have thought that one through).  I think I’ve failed in my drive to take public transportation in the past because I didn’t really have that commitment, or the thing that committed myself to the task.  That’s why I have declared this July campaign ON AIR on my show at Arirang Radio and in print in the monthly program textbook for 귀가 트이는 영어 on EBS.  I have asked the public to keep me on my toes and keep me committed to this task.  To prove that I’m following through, I’ll be documenting my public transportation use in pictures and posting them up here on this blog.

So make sure to just stop by each day and keep me on my toes.  Don’t let me slack off and help me to follow through on one of my New Year’s resolutions.  While you are at it, change something small in your life that will positively affect the environment.  We might think the problem is way too big for us to make any difference, but it is because the problem is so big that we have to do something now, whether small or big, because we have to start chipping away at it.

No more of this, at least a lot less of it.

No more of this, at least a lot less of it.

Wish me luck!



  1. 모든 계획이 이루어지길 빕니다.
    사랑받기 충분한 자격이 있는 죠나단샘!!!

  2. Those basketball photos looks familiar… 🙂 Glad to see you are jumping on the public transportation band wagon. I am still sans car, by choice.

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