Posted by: Juweon | July 1, 2009

Subway Photos

My blog will be going under some remodeling in the next couple of days so all updates will be put on after the site remodeling finishes.  Thanks!

As promised, the pictoral evidence of my travels on Seoul’s public transportation.

July 6th, 2009

looking rough on Monday after another eventful weekend

looking rough on Monday after another eventful weekend

You have no idea how badly I wanted to take my car to work this Monday.  After having a little too much fun all weekend long, my body craved to be driven in the privacy and comforts of my own car but I fought through the urge and got myself onto the public transport.  Did spend 3000 Won on taxi fare once I got to Seoul on the subway because I was late for work.

I also found out that it’s cheaper to get back home from Seoul on public transport than it is to get to Seoul but I’ll investigate this further on Wednesday (Tuesdays are my car days because of scheduling conflicts).

July 2nd, 2009

Less people on the bus than the subway, a bit easier to smile for the camera.

Less people on the bus than the subway, a bit easier to smile for the camera.

I was so tempted to break my pledge today because it was raining like Noah was still alive today here in the Seoul and Gyeongi area, but luckily, as I was heading out the door for work, the sun peeked through just long enough to keep my commute a dry one.

One of the greatest things about the Seoul transportation system is that the local bus and subway systems have integrated pricing.  Let me explain…

The pay on public transportation systems are electronic and you have these little tiny “cards” that you scan as you go through the turnstiles on the subway or get on the bus, but the thing that is different about the Seoul system is that you also scan as you leave and if you transfer onto another form of public transportation within 15 minutes of exiting one, you get a discount (I’ll try to post a video of this pay system in the coming days).

So if I took the public transportation without this system in place:

Bus ride from my house to the my nearest subway station: 600 – 900 won depending on which bus I take.

Subway ride to Sadang station: 900 Won base fee plus 200 Won extra charge because I live outside of the Seoul city limits.

Bus ride to work from Sadang station: 900 Won

TOTAL:  2900 Won

With the Integrated Pricing Plan

Bus ride to my nearest subway station: 700 Won (got a student discount today because I think the bus driver thought I was a student because of my back pack)

Subway ride to Sadang station: 200 Won + 200 Won extra distance charge = 400 Won

Bus ride to work from Sadang station: 200 Won

Total: 1300 Won

FYI: at the current exchange rate – 1000 Korean Won = 79 CENTS U.S. (so it cost me about a $1 to travel 35km, not bad)

July 1st, 2009

Im not really pissed, I swear.

I'm not really pissed, I swear.

I felt so weird taking a picture of myself on a packed subway so I tried to make it look like I was taking a “test” shot with my camera.  But damn, I look like I’m not a happy camper.

Oh yeah, my ultimate goal of helping the environment was an utter failure on this first day as I ran late for work so I had to take the cab twice.  After work, also guilty of taking the cap twice to meet certain appointments on time – like catching the last subway from Seoul to my house.  Never realized how much I “roamed around” in a day.  This month-long task might be a lot more difficult than I had previously imagined.

Subway Fee: 2800 Won

Bus Fee:  600 Won

Taxi Fee:  13,000 Won (more than the cost of gas that would have taken me everywhere I’ve gone today)

TOTAL:  16,400 Won

I’ll do better tomorrow.



  1. Well I do it… inside the bus… How’s life after the best job search? Anyway, hope you are doing great… So far for me, life continues and Im finishing my PhD thesis this month. Blogging is already part of my life since 2005, so even without the job search, I still continue my blogging experience. All the best. Rey

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