Juweon is my HOMEBOY!

So here is a collection of some of the reasons why I’m my supporters’ homeboy.  Some are long, some are short, some are funny and some are serious, but everyone has a reason and this is theirs.  Some also answered my optional question to rate their interest in visiting Queensland and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef after seeing my campaign on a scale of 1 – 5 (1 = not even remotely interested and 5 = I would give up my extra kidney to go there).    

If you would like to add your own reason why I’m your homie for this competition, please send me a pic and your testimonial to juweonnago@gmail.com.  A BIG THANKS to everyone who sent one and if you don’t see yours up, it will be soon!  Enjoy!  


Marlena Hensarling –  

Interest Level in Qld and the GBR since my campaign –  5

Jon and I have been friends for years. He is genuine, and so thoughtful and encouraging. Jon is one of the most intelligent and honest people I know.  



Fahd Elgheriani – 

I’m Voting for Juweon Jonathan Kim because he seems like he has the right experience and knowledge for this type of job. Given that he can reach the korean population is a plus since korea is in the top 10 list for number of internet users and in the top 5 for percentage of internet users.




Charlotte in New York – 

In his youth, Juweon was pretty rowdy. I think I’d let him handle my party planning, especially on a tropical island.



Uma –

jon! or as we said in Spain, “juan!” or now in korea “juweon!”. Jon would be an awesome island caretaker because not only is he good at communicating crossculturally, he’s funny and adventurous but still very patient, easy-to-get-to-know  and just overall an awesome PERSON caretaker. But what sets him apart from the others is his background in biology, government and public speaking, which would make him more than a tour guide. He could be a TRUE island caretaker who could not only promote awareness but also advocate for action and environmental change to maintain the long-term health and biological eco-diversity in the area. so vote for jon! 


Sunny in Korea –

Juwon’s blog is also very positive and giving people good insprations !!!  I totally support him … I strongly believe he will do well under any situations ^^




Nicole “Lawson” Alltop –

Interest Level in Qld and the GBR since my campaign –  5         “I’d give my right and my left breasts to come visit.”


I’m voting for you because im hoping that somebody from the class of 2001 turns out to be cool post high school.  


Teresa –

Reasons Juweon Kim is Awesome and Should Win:
1.  Makes the best spaghetti ever
2.  When he was my roommate he always took out the trash
3.  He threw superfun parties and made sure everyone had a good time
4.  He puts his heart into things he cares about – especially spurs and politics
5.  So I can go visit him in Australia 🙂



Brian Kratz – 

Dear Tourism Queensland,


What can one say about Juweon Jonathon Kim? He wanted to call himself McGyver as a child for crying out loud. How does begin to explain the enigma that is Jon. … After some quiet reflection on one of my oldest friends I think the way to describe Jon is unbelievably passionate. Everything he does he does to the best of his abilities, 110 percent. I’m reminded of sitting in the backseat of his 1993 Ford Escort with the modified front bumper (read: duct-taped front bumper), with my life flashing before my eyes. Literally. Stream of consciousness. Jon pulled the emergency brake and tried to power slide into his apartment complex and all I saw where the headlights of an oncoming car as we spun sideways. I was shaken up but Jon was happy as a clam. He thought (still thinks) he is the best driver in the world when he’s in that car. What a hunk of junk, but he loved that car. Jon was constantly bragging how he could take anyone off the line, regardless of make or model. His driving powers were somehow magically enhanced when he was in that car and boy was he proud of it.


Although Jon loved that car, he was really passionate about sports, especially the San Antonio Spurs. I think the term “super-fan” was coined after observing Jon’s behavior during Spurs games. Yelling (in Korean, Spanish, and English), beating shoes on the floor, wild flailing of limbs. He was a maniac. Mind you, these actions were performed in the solitude of his own home in front of the TV. It’s as if somehow his sofa intensity was transferred to the court, enhancing the abilities of Robinson, Duncan, and Ginobilli. I really enjoyed watching games with Jon. It was a spectacle like none other. To this day Jon is a huge Spurs fan. I remember him explaining how he was decidedly not crazy for going to an ex-pat bar in Spain at 3am to catch the live broadcast of a Spurs playoff game. “Jon, you are in Spain! Go enjoy it!” “Dude, I love the Spurs.” Spanish culture and tourism be damned – he was watching that game. I envision some Spanish bartender shaking his head as Jon crazily yells multi-lingual words of encouragement and advice to his beloved Spurs. Aye dios mio.


But it got better when Jon actually attended live sporting events, especially Judson High School games. We had friends involved in sports of all sorts and Jon was always there, leading the crowd in cheers. Yelling at players. Holding home-made posters. Trying to distract the other team. I believe there was an incident involving him beating his shoe on the bleachers to literally drum up support at an opposing schools field. We all told him to knock it off, but he kept at it. Parents nervously watched on. We scooted farther away. Everyone was half watching Jon and half watching the soccer game, the other team included. The tactic worked, but the cop who escorted Jon from the game wasn’t so amused. The soccer team loved him and made Jon their official mascot/cheerleader. He attended every game and cheered like a wild man.


This is just a smattering of Jon’s passionate lifestyle. I could have made the case for Jon to get the position due to his intelligence, worldly sense, dedication, blah blah blah. Yes, he has all of that but what makes Jon most qualified for the Best Job in the World is his passion. You can rest assured that he will give his last ounce of energy to the cause of the Great Barrier Reef. Probably in a Spurs jersey.



Brian Kratz

Austin, TX



  1. Juweon Jonathan Kim has our VOTES on the Evening Groove always and forever!!! When we first heard of all this, we, the groovers were all so excited and all my friends were trying to help in many ways.

    The main reason he has my vote and the peeps around me… He dedicates himself to his work, his cause, his people… He is self-motivated and wants to let people around him know about causes that we should be aware of and informs us.

    Juweon will always have my vote and prayers and as long as your feet are cold, you got those lil slippers i got for ya cold feet if ever… from Japan… stay warm and warm hearted … U gotZ me and my Blackberry vote~ anytime and all the time!!!

    being his co-worker, older sister like, a friend…
    In one word~ The dood is DEDICATED!!!

  2. hey there….my name is eric, dot’s friend from states. she told me all about your adventure. you can’t ask for a better opportunity to live the life styles of rich and famous. you must repressssent kohlea! best of luck and i hope you’re the last man standing. gOO ruck!

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